Clinic & Hospital Solutions

Quality Assurance

Platinum Transcription maintains a consistent 98% accuracy rate regardless of volume and turnaround time requirements.

Our no-nonsense approach to quality maintenance is ingrained into every step of our hiring and production process.

Pricing & Billing

Aside from assuring our clients of the lowest sustainable price in the market, we follow pricing and billing guidelines that allow no room for error.

A per line charging (65 characters/line) guarantees our clients that they pay just for what has been typed. Line count is calculated by converting the document to plain text then dividing the number of characters by 65.

Data Center

Your data is transfered and stored through our data center.

As technology advances, specifications are increased to adjust to the increasing demands.

System Integration

Platinum Transcription banks on its top-of-the line technology and our extensive experience in interfacing with Electronic Medical Record systems. We are able to integrate dictated patients’ records to your existing EMR system and we can build and deploy the necessary interfaces rapidly.

EMR Integration already comes with Transcribe EMR at no extra cost.

Management Reports

Our Management Report System is an automated document and chart-tracking tool for hospitals and practice management personnel. It is web-based and delivers quick, detailed, customizable and reliable information. These reports provide essential and crucial information in monitoring progress and status of activities. This system easily integrates with your existing EMR system to provide complete documentation tracking and analysis.

Electronic Signatures

Integrated into the Transcribe EMR is a user-friendly Electronic Signature feature resulting in increased efficiency and patient care.